Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Article from the Daily Nation, Mon 19 July

The Daily Nation is one of the two of Kenya's leading intellectual newspaper. Below is an amusing article I'd like to share, produced in yesterday's paper:

Fatherhood opens eyes to innocence of children

A man took his daughter to kindergarten and when she returned home after her first day in school, he asked:
“Did you enjoy yourself?”
“Very much,” the girl replied.
“What was your favourite activity?” he asked, glad that her daughter was doing so well in school.
“Break-time,” the girl answered with a big smile.

But the same could not be said of the niece of a friend who had always been pestering his mother to be taken to school. Well, the day finally dawned and the boy was taken to school where he had the time of his life.
The following morning, his mother dutifully went to wake him up at around 6am.
“It is time to go to school,” she said. The boy could not believe his ears.
“Again?” he asked in disbelief.

Well, these are just some of the gems that I have been sharing with my friends in the recent past after I too joined the club of fatherhood. But the story that I still recall though it was told to me many years ago was of a sanctimonious father who was trying to demonstrate to his son just how much advantage the boy’s generation enjoyed compared to his father’s.
“In our time,” the father said, “we used to go to school without shoes.”
“Ah,” the boy answered after some thought. “That means you would walk all the way in socks?”

I am told that as a boy, my father had threatened to abandon my grandmother in the bushes by the road after she and I had a quarrel while travelling. According to the tale, we had just been stopped by the police when I asked my father whether he had brought along his gun when my grandmother pinched me for being “careless” with words.
And every time we came across a bush, I would joyfully ask: “Is this one good enough, daddy?”