Monday, 15 December 2014

Kenyan citizens' 2006 expectations of how many years it will take the country to succeed in fighting corruption

A 2006 survey by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission asked the somewhat strange question of how many years citizens thought it would take the country to rid itself of corruption. Here are the results broken down by province. As you can see, those on the coast and around the lake are most pessimistic, and those of north-eastern and Nairobi most optimistic.

When these results are compared with perceptions of actual corruption, they cluster geographically around the same areas, suggesting pessimism in fighting corruption tracks fairly neatly with actual experiences of corruption.

Source information: Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, ‘National Corruption Perception Survey 2006’ (Jun 2007). (accessed 07/08/14), p. 46. Responses were gathered from 5,039 citizens, though this sub-question only applied to 79.8 percent of the total sample. Kenya’s provinces are presented according to the Districts and Provinces Act 1992. These provinces were valid at the end of Moi's regime in 2002 and considered legal until the repealing of the old constitution in August 2010.